Smartphone Data Tracking

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Finjan Smartphone Data Tracking

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ll probably find that the little mobile device not only remains with you for the larger part of each day but that it also plays some kind of a role in practically every aspect of your daily life. Whether that simply means checking the time or checking in with your social media and messaging services … Read More

Flaws in the GMR-2 Cipher Used in Cellular Service

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Finjan Flaws in the GMR 2 Cipher Used in Cellular Service

In areas where conventional network coverage isn’t available, cellular service is routinely parceled out via satellite telephone systems, which provide encryption security for their data transmission through what’s known as the GMR-2 cipher. Such services may be the only option for users in remote or isolated environments, like ocean-going vessels or high-altitude locations – and they’re also a critical choice … Read More