Healthcare Data Breaches – A Common Problem and a Real Threat

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Finjan Healthcare Data Breaches   A Common Problem and a Real Threat

As a safeguard for patients’ personal or financial data, to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products and medical processes, and for various other reasons, organizations operating in the healthcare sector are required to comply with conditions set out by legal frameworks such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These provide recommendations and regulatory compliance demands which are … Read More

Top 5 Cybersecurity Mistakes That Make Life Easy for Cyber-criminals

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Finjan Top 5 Cybersecurity Mistakes That Make Life Easy for Cyber criminals

Though high-profile assaults on huge corporations or well-known web platforms grab the most attention when they make the news, cyber-criminals are at work at all levels – from attacks on private individuals, to attempts made on businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. In recent times, they’ve met with increasing success, resulting in huge personal and corporate losses in … Read More

Smartphone Data Tracking

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Finjan Smartphone Data Tracking

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ll probably find that the little mobile device not only remains with you for the larger part of each day but that it also plays some kind of a role in practically every aspect of your daily life. Whether that simply means checking the time or checking in with your social media and messaging services … Read More

Hardware Encryption – How is the Market Emerging?

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Finjan Hardware Encryption – How is the Market Emerging?

Privacy and information security concerns have fueled the increased usage in recent years of data encryption. Much of the focus of this activity – and most of the forms in which the related technology has been distributed and implemented – has been on desktop software, mobile applications, and network/system processes. But hardware-based encryption methods and technologies do exist – and … Read More

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

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Finjan Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

In conventional wireless communications, transmission typically occurs at a set frequency – and if an eavesdropper can determine what that frequency is, then it’s a fairly simple task for them to intercept the data stream, or disrupt it in some way. Military engineers have long understood this principle, and the possibilities it presents for compromising vital missions and operational security. … Read More

IDaaS (Identity as a Service) – A Single Sign-on Service for the Cloud

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Finjan IDaaS (Identity as a Service)   A Single Sign on Service for the Cloud

The technology of the cloud makes it possible to vastly expand the reach and capabilities of individuals and organizations – through its ability to boost computing and storage capacity through the use of multiple remote servers, the potential to combine infrastructure, software, and services, and the power to provide access to potentially global pools of talent, money, and resources. This … Read More

The Origins of Kerckhoff’s Principle and How it is Used in Encryption Today

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Finjan The Origins of Kerckhoffs Principle and How it is Used in Encryption Today

In this era of disclosure, transparency, and the public internet, maintaining exclusive rights or control over knowledge and techniques is a virtual impossibility. Any measures put in place to safeguard the transfer and storage of information have to contend not only with external threats, but also with the intervention of higher authorities (as in the case of investigations by government … Read More

Identity Access Management – How It Is Used to Protect the Enterprise

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Finjan Identity Access Management   How It Is Used to Protect the Enterprise

With advances in technology and the growth of the digital economy, enterprise computer networks have expanded beyond the in-house data center to include wireless and mobile applications and networks, and to embrace the internet at large. Good business practice and the demands of regulatory compliance regimes now oblige commercial organizations to take proper measures to safeguard the security and integrity … Read More

VPN Restrictions in China, Russia and Other Countries

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Finjan VPN Restrictions in China, Russia and Other Countries

Although authorities in Europe have taken a stand on data privacy which comes down firmly on the side of the consumer, internet users in other parts of the world haven’t been so lucky. This has sparked a renewed interest in Virtual Private Network or VPN services and applications, as a hedge against government surveillance, targeted advertising, and the attention of … Read More

IoT Security Flaws

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Finjan IoT Security Flaws

With current estimates suggesting that the global network of online and inter-connected smart hardware and applications known as the IoT or Internet of Things will expand to over 20 billion devices by 2020, the market for self-monitoring cars, household appliances that check in regularly with your local supermarket, and numerous other such gadgets, looks set to grow at a steady … Read More