TLS 1.3 – How Will It Impact Secure Web Communications?

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Finjan TLS 1.3   How Will It Impact Secure Web Communications?

Building on the legacy of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols, the recently ratified TLS 1. 3 looks to set a new standard for secure web communications and online application deployment. As we’ll see, improvements in security aren’t all that TLS 1. 3 has to offer. But there are technical considerations which are likely … Read More

TCP Starvation

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Finjan TCP Starvation

Since information has become the life’s blood and major currency of the digital economy, it’s essential that measures should be taken to ensure that data flows smoothly between those who create it, and those who are meant to receive it. This is particularly true of the internet, which is the world’s major transport medium for digital information and content of … Read More

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

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Finjan Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

In conventional wireless communications, transmission typically occurs at a set frequency – and if an eavesdropper can determine what that frequency is, then it’s a fairly simple task for them to intercept the data stream, or disrupt it in some way. Military engineers have long understood this principle, and the possibilities it presents for compromising vital missions and operational security. … Read More