Smartphone Data Tracking

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Finjan Smartphone Data Tracking

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ll probably find that the little mobile device not only remains with you for the larger part of each day but that it also plays some kind of a role in practically every aspect of your daily life. Whether that simply means checking the time or checking in with your social media and messaging services … Read More

KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability

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Finjan KRACK Wi Fi Vulnerability

Accepted as the current standard for the secure encryption of Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2 has for some time been the automatic choice for users wishing to set up a wireless access point that’s free from the threat of eavesdroppers. But as with all things in the digital realm, evolving methods and technologies can and do conspire … Read More

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

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Finjan Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

In conventional wireless communications, transmission typically occurs at a set frequency – and if an eavesdropper can determine what that frequency is, then it’s a fairly simple task for them to intercept the data stream, or disrupt it in some way. Military engineers have long understood this principle, and the possibilities it presents for compromising vital missions and operational security. … Read More

Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast Data Transmission – Key Differences, Benefits and Drawbacks

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Finjan Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast Data Transmission   Key Differences, Benefits and Drawbacks

With the internet and digital technology blurring the boundaries between content, communication, and media types, these days you’re just as likely to tune into a concert, movie, or television show on your mobile phone, as you are to catch the same event on radio, at a cinema, or through your home entertainment system. This transition may appear seamless, but behind … Read More

IDaaS (Identity as a Service) – A Single Sign-on Service for the Cloud

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Finjan IDaaS (Identity as a Service)   A Single Sign on Service for the Cloud

The technology of the cloud makes it possible to vastly expand the reach and capabilities of individuals and organizations – through its ability to boost computing and storage capacity through the use of multiple remote servers, the potential to combine infrastructure, software, and services, and the power to provide access to potentially global pools of talent, money, and resources. This … Read More

Identity Access Management – How It Is Used to Protect the Enterprise

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Finjan Identity Access Management   How It Is Used to Protect the Enterprise

With advances in technology and the growth of the digital economy, enterprise computer networks have expanded beyond the in-house data center to include wireless and mobile applications and networks, and to embrace the internet at large. Good business practice and the demands of regulatory compliance regimes now oblige commercial organizations to take proper measures to safeguard the security and integrity … Read More

A Closer Look at Multilevel Lattice Security Models

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Finjan A Closer Look at Multilevel Lattice Security Models

Organizations looking to regulate access to the information they routinely work with, and computer systems and communications networks seeking to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the data they store or transmit will typically require some kind of formalized framework to govern how this is done. Information classifications such as Universal, Unclassified, Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret are one manifestation … Read More

Anatomy of a TCP Sequence Prediction Attack

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Finjan Anatomy of a TCP Sequence Prediction Attack

With so much of our business and personal lives relying on the transfer of information between points on the internet, it’s little wonder that cyber-criminals have long favored these connections as a target for their operations. Hijacking connections and/or intercepting data streams offers hackers a prime opportunity to extract valuable information assets, siphon off digital financial ones, or to interject … Read More

Top 5 Emerging Security Technologies

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Finjan Top 5 Emerging Security Technologies

Like computing itself, the information security or InfoSec landscape is continuously evolving. What was once the cyber-threat or threat remedy of the month can give way to alternatives, as new techniques and technologies are pioneered by cyber-criminals or InfoSec professionals, alike. As 2017 moves into its second quarter, we’ll be looking at five of the emerging security technologies that are … Read More