TLS 1.3 – How Will It Impact Secure Web Communications?

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Finjan TLS 1.3   How Will It Impact Secure Web Communications?

Building on the legacy of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols, the recently ratified TLS 1. 3 looks to set a new standard for secure web communications and online application deployment. As we’ll see, improvements in security aren’t all that TLS 1. 3 has to offer. But there are technical considerations which are likely … Read More

Leaked Credentials – An Insidious Problem for the Enterprise

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Finjan Leaked Credentials   An Insidious Problem for the Enterprise

Though data breaches have the potential to expose corporate secrets, finances, and intellectual property to prying eyes, a more insidious problem for the enterprise is the issue of leaked credentials. Email and network usernames, passwords, and related information may also form a major part of the corporate data leakage that follows a serious breach. And since these identifiers may be … Read More

Employee Security Awareness Training – Management Side

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Finjan Employee Security Awareness Training – Management Side

As many organizations have learned to their regret, a policy for cybersecurity – however comprehensive, proactive, and technologically sound it may be – is doomed to failure if its terms aren’t adhered to by stakeholders of the enterprise, across the board. This emphasizes the need both for eliciting buy-in to the concept and culture of security awareness, and for management … Read More

The Benefits of Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Finjan The Benefits of Real Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

To protect their personnel, assets, and sensitive information from being compromised, hijacked, or stolen by malicious actors, organizations are often advised to adopt security best practices, and to deploy the latest in secure technologies. But these things can’t be pulled out of thin air, or identified and adopted without knowledge of what they are, how they should be used, and … Read More

Healthcare Data Breaches – A Common Problem and a Real Threat

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Finjan Healthcare Data Breaches   A Common Problem and a Real Threat

As a safeguard for patients’ personal or financial data, to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products and medical processes, and for various other reasons, organizations operating in the healthcare sector are required to comply with conditions set out by legal frameworks such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These provide recommendations and regulatory compliance demands which are … Read More

Cyber Threats – How the Public is at Risk from Cyberattack

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Finjan Cyber Threats   How the Public is at Risk from Cyberattack

Given the number of media reports on high-profile cyber-attacks involving well-known brand names, organizations, or celebrities, you might be forgiven for assuming that only huge corporations or the rich and famous are targeted for cyber-crime attacks. But this is a dangerous assumption to make – one that can lead “ordinary” citizens to become dismissive or complacent, when it comes to … Read More

TCP Starvation

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Finjan TCP Starvation

Since information has become the life’s blood and major currency of the digital economy, it’s essential that measures should be taken to ensure that data flows smoothly between those who create it, and those who are meant to receive it. This is particularly true of the internet, which is the world’s major transport medium for digital information and content of … Read More

How GDPR Will Benefit Large American Tech Companies

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Finjan How GDPR Will Benefit Large American Tech Companies

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) was created by lawmakers in the European Union (EU) as a means of strengthening privacy protection and upholding the rights to personal information of consumers in the European continent. There’s a lot of speculation – and a fair amount of scrambling to get things put in place – as the … Read More

Smartphone Data Tracking

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Finjan Smartphone Data Tracking

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ll probably find that the little mobile device not only remains with you for the larger part of each day but that it also plays some kind of a role in practically every aspect of your daily life. Whether that simply means checking the time or checking in with your social media and messaging services … Read More

KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability

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Finjan KRACK Wi Fi Vulnerability

Accepted as the current standard for the secure encryption of Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2 has for some time been the automatic choice for users wishing to set up a wireless access point that’s free from the threat of eavesdroppers. But as with all things in the digital realm, evolving methods and technologies can and do conspire … Read More