IDaaS (Identity as a Service) – A Single Sign-on Service for the Cloud

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Finjan IDaaS (Identity as a Service)   A Single Sign on Service for the Cloud

The technology of the cloud makes it possible to vastly expand the reach and capabilities of individuals and organizations – through its ability to boost computing and storage capacity through the use of multiple remote servers, the potential to combine infrastructure, software, and services, and the power to provide access to potentially global pools of talent, money, and resources. This … Read More

Top 5 Emerging Security Technologies

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Finjan Top 5 Emerging Security Technologies

Like computing itself, the information security or InfoSec landscape is continuously evolving. What was once the cyber-threat or threat remedy of the month can give way to alternatives, as new techniques and technologies are pioneered by cyber-criminals or InfoSec professionals, alike. As 2017 moves into its second quarter, we’ll be looking at five of the emerging security technologies that are … Read More