Blackphone: Why do we care about device layer security? Part 1

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Yesterday we received a Blackphone 2 at Finjan HQ that we ordered from Silent Circle. What is a “Blackphone” and why should you care? Well, its a good question… One which I will begin to explore over a series of posts. From un-boxing and setting up the device on a cellular network to traveling internationally with a device that touts not just data and call encryption but greater user customization – at the device layer (yes, Ill explain later) – all being themes of our testing interest.

IAM’s Death of the Dinosaurs – IP Monetization Cover Piece

Phil HartsteinBlog, Cybersecurity

David Kline, writing for IAM’s November/December issue, challenges whether IP monetization as a “standalone” business is all but extinct… like the dinosaurs. Or, in the alternative, is there a new opportunity that presents itself?! The article explores IP-centric business models and their individual challenges as well as more diversified IP and technology plays – like Finjan’s business. In either case, … Read More

Finjan in the News: Interviews with, SNN Live and SecurityStockWatch

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  Following the issuance of Finjan’s 23rd U.S. Patent combined with USPTO rejecting Sophos’ invalidity challenges of two of Finjan’s patents, Finjan has seen renewed interest from keen observers of the security and IP space.   Phil Hartstein was recently featured in two live interviews with (video above) and SNNLive (both of which can be found at, to give an overview … Read More

Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

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Finjan Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

Finjan Holdings is one of 10 companies recently profiled in the Summer/Fall MicroCap Review issue of Stock News Now. The people of SNN put together a detailed profile of the company, covering its 20 years of operation in the cybersecurity industry, its transition to an intellectual property holding company, and the recent reemergence of product development with its mobile applications for the … Read More

Mobile Defense Challenge Winners, Team SeQrity, Visit Finjan’s Office

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Finjan Mobile Defense Challenge Winners, Team SeQrity, Visit Finjans Office

To commemorate its upcoming 20th year anniversary, Finjan returned to its roots with the inaugural Mobile Defense Challenge 2015 in June. This competition, offered to all enrolled students across 28 universities, has the goal to inspire the next generation to develop innovative security solutions to battle the growing number of cyber threats. Nearly 20 years ago, Finjan’s founder, Shlomo Touboul, … Read More

What the News Wire Hacking Scandal Means For The Industry

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Finjan What the News Wire Hacking Scandal Means For The Industry

In a graphic demonstration of what the speed of information can mean to public markets, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Department of Justice have indicted nine people with crimes related to a hack of the internal networks of the three most popular press release services. The attackers allegedly gained access to the networks and turned them into … Read More

What is Your Organization’s Safety Worth? Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

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Finjan What is Your Organizations Safety Worth? Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

The business world is only beginning to understand the extent to which unauthorized network breaches exposing sensitive data can affect valuations and cause unforeseen costs. Specific insurance against corporate hacks is still in its infancy but, for now, insurance companies are still being drawn to these events through traditional liability. Recently, Cottage Healthcare Systems faced a suit from its customers … Read More

CybeRisk: A Look at Finjan’s Cybersecurity Consulting Arm

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Finjan CybeRisk: A Look at Finjans Cybersecurity Consulting Arm

Finjan Holdings, Inc. recently announced the launch of CybeRisk Security Solutions (“CybeRisk”). This new initiative will provide cybersecurity risk advisory consulting globally from its headquarters in Tel Aviv. CybeRisk will deliver a suite of advanced attack, penetration, defense optimization and diagnostic services to customers. Cyberisk will combine real world cybersecurity defense experience with executive level advisory services to offer an … Read More

Phil Hartstein Interview on SNN

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Mid-Year Review 2015 with Finjan Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNJN) on SNNLive Phil speaks very well, cutting through much of the jargon that surrounds the cybersecurity industry. He speaks a bit about the business’ transition from being a product and technology company selling hardware and software, into being an IP licensing company, and the reasons for transitioning now into a services … Read More

Finjan’s New Mobile and Consulting Businesses are Timely Additions

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Finjan Finjans New Mobile and Consulting Businesses are Timely Additions

Finjan (NASDAQ:FNJN) released its first quarter results on May 14, 2015 which included information about new strategic initiatives for the company. These initiatives include the development of new mobile security applications to protect consumer data and information and establishing a new cybersecurity consulting service business. The company believes that the cybersecurity sector will be active during 2015. Cybersecurity continues to … Read More