A Closer Look at Offensive Network Security

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Finjan A Closer Look at Offensive Network Security

For years, access control measures, antivirus monitoring, intrusion detection, the detection of software bugs, and similar strategies have been the mainstay of cyber-security. These are largely passive techniques, dedicated to the defense of systems and networks. And they rely on having prior knowledge of the intruder’s methodologies and tools (such as malware and virus signature databases) to aid in detection … Read More

The Next Generation of Endpoint Security

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Finjan The Next Generation of Endpoint Security

Accepted wisdom is already shifting to the view that network security must go beyond the setting up of firewalls, antivirus protection, and peripheral defenses. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the rise of the mobile workforce, vulnerabilities and a proliferation of possible access points for malicious intruders are being introduced by user devices such as laptops, mobile phones, USB … Read More

What is a Botnet? Learn How to Identify and Prevent an Attack

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Finjan What is a Botnet?  Learn How to Identify and Prevent an Attack

With their own development skills and resources from the Dark Web, cyber-criminals increasingly have access to complex and sophisticated weapons with which to stage campaigns against unsuspecting or targeted individuals and organizations. One that’s had both staying power and a range of applications is the botnet. What is a Botnet? The word botnet is a shortened form of “robot network” … Read More

Benefits of Penetration Testing

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Finjan Benefits of Penetration Testing

Each day, fresh malware strains and cyber-threat vectors are being authored, developed, and distributed in the wild. Fledgling hackers and “hacktivist” groups are learning the ropes. No matter how many security protocols and policies you have in place – and even regardless of the strength of your anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software – there exists the possibility that someone, … Read More

The Use of Biometrics in the Mobile Space

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Finjan The Use of Biometrics in the Mobile Space

With data breaches, fraud, and identity theft so often in the news, network and Internet users at all levels are anxious for ways to safeguard their information and protect themselves from malicious intrusions and criminal acts. But passwords, PINs, security codes and encryption keys are notoriously difficult to remember and use – especially when so many people transact their affairs … Read More

Data Loss Prevention Strategies for Networks

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Finjan Data Loss Prevention Strategies for Networks

New threats are constantly emerging, on the digital security landscape. Data breaches are a regular occurrence, and fresh email hacks seem to take place every other week, as cyber-attackers, malicious insiders, and simple human error lay confidential or business-critical information bare to public scrutiny, or into the hands of opportunist criminals. For organizations that use internal networks or the Internet … Read More

Cybercriminals Gone Spear Phishing: Don’t Get Caught!

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Finjan Cybercriminals Gone Spear Phishing: Dont Get Caught!

Email has traditionally been a popular means for cybercriminals to perpetrate fraud, sabotage, network infiltration, data theft, extortion, and other malicious acts. And for scam artists, phishing remains a popular pastime. Recently, there’s been an upsurge in a particular brand of phishing activity – namely, Spear Phishing. What is Spear Phishing? Just as in the angling world there are various … Read More

Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Networks

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Finjan Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Networks

Being able to trust your corporate network to deliver information, services and support to whoever needs them is not only crucial to keeping your operations going – it’s a vital element in maintaining confidence in the reputation and integrity of your organization as a whole. Unauthorized workloads and network traffic are directly opposed to this. So it’s essential both to … Read More

Finjan Series A Financing

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Finjan Finjan Series A Financing

IP Watchdog recently featured a story on Finjan and our IPR-resistant cybersecurity patent portfolio. On our first conference call update for shareholders, we announced our $10.2 million preferred share financing led by Halcyon Long Duration Recoveries Management and Soryn IP Group which represents our first capital raise since going public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. What’s more, Finjan is averaging … Read More

Behavior Based Anti-virus Technology

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Finjan Behavior Based Anti virus Technology

The evolving power and complexity in malware of all kinds demands an equivalent response from security suites and anti-virus software. The methods of detection and prevention that were traditionally used are no longer enough. New techniques and new technologies are required to cope with today’s landscape of existing and emerging cyber-threats. In this article, we’ll be looking at Behavior Based … Read More