Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

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Finjan Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

Finjan Holdings is one of 10 companies recently profiled in the Summer/Fall MicroCap Review issue of Stock News Now.

The people of SNN put together a detailed profile of the company, covering its 20 years of operation in the cybersecurity industry, its transition to an intellectual property holding company, and the recent reemergence of product development with its mobile applications for the consumer market and the launch  of its cybersecurity consulting business.

SNN had some interesting analysis of the market that is served by Finjan’s 40 issued and pending patents focused on proactive real-time and network security with behavior-based content analysis:

The 2015 Travelers Business Risk Index shows that cybersecurity is near the top of the list of concerns for business leaders. Its data shows that 29% of companies surveyed cite cybersecurity problems as risks they are least prepared to handle. Its latest poll showed computer related issues as the second most important concern for all businesses (58%), compared to 2014, when it was ranked fifth. Some one in 10 businesses and one in five large companies believe they have fallen victim to a cyber attack.

That’s pretty compelling, and it’s interesting language. One in five companies can only really “believe” they’ve fallen victim to a cyber attack because, truthfully, they can’t say for sure.

In an attempt to stay ahead of growing frontier of cyber-defense, Finjan has recently returned to the world of product development with mobile applications for the consumer market including the recently launched Finjan Mobile Secure Browser. Additionally, Finjan has launched a consulting services business, CybeRisk Security Solutions, to deliver advanced cyber risk and security advisory services and solutions at the executive and board level. CybeRiskTM  helps executives better understand what is happening in their network environments, and works to detect breaches when they happen, and ultimately try to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Lastly, in an attempt to figure out a new way to defend environments that are already being trafficked and to create defenses for the environments of tomorrow, Finjan invests in innovation through Jerusalem Venture Partners’ (JVP) Fund VII which focuses on next-generation cybersecurity advancements.

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We’re pleased that Stock News Now has taken notice! The full article is worth the read.