Finjan Executives’ Productive Week in D.C.

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Finjan Finjan Executives Productive Week in D.C.

Finjan’s CIPO and VP, Legal Operations, Julie Mar-Spinola had a busy week in Washington D.C. last week participating in the 2015 Global Summit and 10th Anniversary of ChIPs founding meeting with various leaders on cybersecurity policies and patent reform.

The ChIPs Women in IP Global Summit took place October 27-28th in Washington D.C. As a co-founder of ChIPs (, Julie Mar-Spinola emceed the Hall of Fame Ceremony on the 27th, and moderated the Trial Lawyers Panel comprising Judge Kathleen O’Malley of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Kathi Vidal of Fish & Richardson, Rachel Krevans of Morrison & Foerster, and Lisa Kobialka of Kramer Levin (absent due to extended trial) on the 28th.

In conjunction with the Summit and in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, ChIPs inducted two new members into its Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have contributed significantly to the area of intellectual property. This year, ChIPs inducted its first mother-daughter honorees, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg honoring her distinguished career as a lawyer, teacher and jurist, along with her daughter Jane C. Ginsburg, Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law at the Columbia Law School, for her highly commended work in IP law.

Finjan Finjan Executives Productive Week in D.C.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her daughter Professor Jane C. Ginsburg inducted into ChIPs Hall of Fame for their work in IP

Finjan Finjan Executives Productive Week in D.C.
Co-Founder and Board members of ChIPs honoring its new Hall of Fame members Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her daughter Professor Jane C. Ginsburg

Julie also spent time meeting with influencers on Capital Hill including the Honorable Senator Hirono of Hawai’i. The meeting was very welcoming, relaxed, engaged and instructive. Senator Hirono and her Staff are clearly interested in not only what their own constituents have to say but also what other stakeholders around the country care about most. She is a staunch advocate for balanced cybersecurity policy and fair patent reforms in furtherance of our national security and a clean energy economy.

Senator Hirono who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee among others, recently voted in favor of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). Seeking a balanced policy to protect both individual privacy concerns and national security, she was able to successfully add an amendment to protect consumer privacy by requiring the federal government to implement protections before companies can be exempt from liability for sharing threat information. CISA passed 74-21 in a generally bi-partisan manner.

Although CISA has been around for nearly 20 years as a concept, The New York Times recently pointed out that CISA is already behind the times as it focuses on sharing information about known threats, signatures. This timeline resonates with Finjan as it, 20 years ago, was also focused on moving beyond looking at passive signature-based threat solutions to the proactive and nimble solution of detecting behavior-based threats, which has since become the technology of choice and continues to be implemented in next generation security products and services.

With respect to patent reform, Finjan believes Senator Hirono has the right concerns and issues in mind and at heart to ensure balanced and fair patent reforms that will protect all patent stakeholders and not just the big 1% corporations who are determined to turn our patent system on its head in the name of competition and profit. A proponent of innovation and STEAM programs for our youth, Finjan applauds Senator Hirono for her commitment and efforts in these areas.

Finjan Finjan Executives Productive Week in D.C.
Senator Hirono with Julie Mar-Spinola