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Finjan Finjan Holdings, Inc.   Corporate Overview Video

As a 20 year veteran in cybersecurity, Finjan pioneered behavior-based threat detection. In 2016, Finjan returned to profitability and for the first time as a publicly traded Nasdaq company.

Today we are stronger than ever.

“Cybersecurity today is a global issue and the increasing complexity of cyberattacks demands new and innovative ways to secure corporate data and protect consumer information,” comments Finjan CEO Phil Hartstein.

Through our subsidiary, Finjan Inc., we license and enforce our landmark intellectual property portfolio with over 50 issued and pending patents having generated over $250 million in licensing fees to date.

Through Finjan Mobile, consumers have access to the same best-in-class technology on their mobile devices as Finjan’s past enterprise customers. Recently, we launched an update to our leading consumer privacy and security browser, InvinciBull™ for iPhone and Android.

Features such as an integrated VPN, passcode and biometrics, real-time virus scanning and ad blocking ensure that no personal data or mobile transactions are being collected or shared.

CybeRisk is our advisory services offering that perfectly positions us as the intelligence that connects server rooms to boardrooms. An elite team of consultants, based in the US and Israel, assesses risk exposure, quantifies it, and empowers our corporate clients with the appropriate mitigation strategy.

“We are committed to investing in future innovations. We are strategic LPs in a venture fund, Jerusalem Venture Partners, alongside other investing partners including Cisco, Alibaba and Qihoo360,” adds Phil Hartstein.

Specializing in cybersecurity technology of the future, this fund has already realized two early exits.

“Finjan is a profitable Nasdaq company with landmark patented technology that has proven valuable, durable and highly relevant in today’s market,” adds Phil Hartstein.

Finjan continues to innovate its technology, research, investments and intellectual property to ensure we stay one step ahead of malicious content.

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Finjan Finjan Holdings, Inc.   Corporate Overview Video
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Finjan Holdings, Inc. | Corporate Overview Video Presentation
20 yr veteran in cybersecurity and publicly traded on Nasdaq ($FNJN). Finjan pioneered behavior-based threat detection, returned to profitability in 2016.
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Finjan Holdings, Inc.
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