CybeRisk: A Look at Finjan’s Cybersecurity Consulting Arm

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Finjan CybeRisk: A Look at Finjans Cybersecurity Consulting Arm

Finjan Holdings, Inc. recently announced the launch of CybeRisk Security Solutions (“CybeRisk”). This new initiative will provide cybersecurity risk advisory consulting globally from its headquarters in Tel Aviv. CybeRisk will deliver a suite of advanced attack, penetration, defense optimization and diagnostic services to customers. Cyberisk will combine real world cybersecurity defense experience with executive level advisory services to offer an integrated cybersecurity consulting solution that is unique to the industry. Cyberisk will achieve this with an integrated cyber risk management process aligning the management, security and risk  processes into a single business-focused strategy.

Yoram Golandsky, an international expert in cybersecurity, was appointed CEO of CybeRisk. Finjan’s President and CEO Phil Harstein stated, “As one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, Yoram is optimally positioned to guide the expansion of Finjan’s portfolio of offerings  into the international cybersecurity services sector.” Yoram previously served as the General Manager of the Cyber Security Center of Excellence at Cisco Systems. In that role, he provided advanced cybersecurity services to Cisco’s largest international clients, as well as participating in Cisco Cyber War games.  In addition, Eyal Harari was appointed as COO, joining CybeRisk from Cisco’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence where he was the Business Operations Manager.

Yoram believes that the cybersecurity sector is evolving and is building Cyberisk to be an industry leader. He stated “We at CyberRisk think the market has matured and security has to be looked at from a risk perspective.” He notes that there has been a clear separation between companies that provide more advanced technology testing and those that provide “soft” advisory services for risk and maturity testing in the cybersecurity sector.

Yoram brings real world red team penetration and war games testing experience to Cyberisk. Red team testing and war games simulate real world cyberattacks against organizations to identify vulnerabilities in defenses. The companies providing services such as red team penetration testing are focused on the technological side of cybersecurity consulting. The companies that provide more advisory services are focused on measuring an organization’s ability to respond to a cybersecurity attack in consultation with executive management. CybeRisk is positioning itself to bridge the gap between these types of services, thus providing an integrated solution for cybersecurity.

CybeRisk will offer organizations a single, multi-faceted process for the management of cybersecurity risk. It will provide advanced hands-on technical consulting services to its clients including red team testing and war gaming. At the same time, CybeRisk will work with Boards of Directors and executive management with strategy level advisory services.

The demand for cybersecurity services continues to grow as new threats constantly emerge. Yoram sees a number of critical threats currently facing enterprises. These risks include:

  • Cyber-espionage by nation states, as evidenced by attacks from China and North Korea.
  • Threats to critical infrastructure.
  • Cyberattacks on point of sale and mobile payment systems.
  • Third party breaches.
  • Breaches by hackers using extortion and blackmail.

Yoram believes that solutions to these threats do not depend only on the level of security products and technologies employed by enterprises. Rather, organizations must shift the way they view cybersecurity. Boards of Directors and executive management must focus on the mitigation of this risk using a combination of technology and advisory services.

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The failure to properly understand the level of threat that cyberattacks pose to a company can be costly, as evidenced by many recent cyberattacks. Companies who are targets often suffer not only substantial costs in fighting the attack and associated clean up, but a lot of negative publicity which can impact overall business. CybeRisk will be able to provide critical cybersecurity consulting services to protect against these significant risks.

The company’s initial geographic focus will be in the Europe and the United States with further expansion planned in the future. CybeRisk will provide consulting to a wide variety of clients including enterprises, commercial businesses, financial institutions and companies associated with critical infrastructure.

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