Behavior Based Anti-virus Technology

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Finjan Behavior Based Anti virus Technology

The evolving power and complexity in malware of all kinds demands an equivalent response from security suites and anti-virus software. The methods of detection and prevention that were traditionally used are no longer enough. New techniques and new technologies are required to cope with today’s landscape of existing and emerging cyber-threats. In this article, we’ll be looking at Behavior Based … Read More

Zero-day Threats

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Finjan Zero day Threats

Sadly, taking steps to avoid becoming the victim of a cyber-attack and putting measures in place to respond to one in the event that it occurs isn’t the entire story in preparing a strategy for cyber-security. There’s a major class of vulnerability that’s capable of causing serious damage, but for which specific preparations can’t be made – zero-day threats. What … Read More

The Future of Biometric Authentication

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Finjan The Future of Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication Law enforcement agencies have been using fingerprint records to identify individuals for over 100 years. With developments in physical biology, behavioural science, and technology, the idea of using a person’s physical characteristics or behaviour as a basis for access control, identification and security continues to gain in popularity. The global reach of the smartphone (many with the imaging and … Read More

FighterPOS – malware designed to infiltrate point of service payment systems

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Finjan FighterPOS   malware designed to infiltrate point of service payment systems

Security Affairs’ Pierluigi Paganini reported yesterday that FighterPOS, an advanced form of malware designed to infiltrate point of service payment systems, has made the jump from its native Brazil to the United States. Security Researchers at TrendMicro have isolated new strings of code in known versions of the malware that have been written in English, instead of the original Portuguese … Read More

Cybersecurity – a Tale of Two Countries

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Finjan Cybersecurity – a Tale of Two Countries

Finjan Honors its Israeli Technology Start-up Roots As Finjan celebrates its 20-year history in cybersecurity, the Company is proud to honor its Israeli technology startup roots. Finjan’s President and CEO, Phil Hartstein and CFO, Michael Noonan just returned from a trip to Israel where they had the opportunity to attend the Cybertech 2016, an annual international conference dedicated to the … Read More

Internet Security – Authentication Methods

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Finjan Internet Security   Authentication Methods

As Finjan’s Director of Information Technology, I am looking forward to the 2016 year and adding layers of security for our internal resources and also being part of R&D team developing new security solutions. These are exciting times to be working in cyberspace! If information technology professionals haven’t realized it by now, they should, usernames and passwords are no longer … Read More

Finjan IT Department Gone Phishing

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Finjan Finjan IT Department Gone Phishing

Thursday morning last week began just like most others, as I woke up to an email alert from Finjan’s Intrusion Detection System highlighting the prior day’s network activity. I quickly scanned the logs to look for unusual events but nothing caught my eye, logs showed port scans labeled as “possible intrusions” 11/11/2015 09:06:18.432 – Alert – Intrusion Prevention –    … Read More

Blackphone: Why do we care about device layer security? Part 1

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Yesterday we received a Blackphone 2 at Finjan HQ that we ordered from Silent Circle. What is a “Blackphone” and why should you care? Well, its a good question… One which I will begin to explore over a series of posts. From un-boxing and setting up the device on a cellular network to traveling internationally with a device that touts not just data and call encryption but greater user customization – at the device layer (yes, Ill explain later) – all being themes of our testing interest.

IAM’s Death of the Dinosaurs – IP Monetization Cover Piece

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David Kline, writing for IAM’s November/December issue, challenges whether IP monetization as a “standalone” business is all but extinct… like the dinosaurs. Or, in the alternative, is there a new opportunity that presents itself?! The article explores IP-centric business models and their individual challenges as well as more diversified IP and technology plays – like Finjan’s business. In either case, … Read More

Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

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Finjan Finjan Holdings Featured in Stock News Now

Finjan Holdings is one of 10 companies recently profiled in the Summer/Fall MicroCap Review issue of Stock News Now. The people of SNN put together a detailed profile of the company, covering its 20 years of operation in the cybersecurity industry, its transition to an intellectual property holding company, and the recent reemergence of product development with its mobile applications for the … Read More