The State of VPN in China – Apple Pulls VPN Apps From China App Store

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Finjan The State of VPN in China   Apple Pulls VPN Apps From China App Store

To bypass censorship rules and other restrictions placed on internet usage, citizens must resort to Virtual Private Network or VPN applications and services in certain countries. Prominent among these nations is the People’s Republic of China, which not only has a long-standing history of online censorship but also an ongoing policy of proactive intervention when new avenues or technologies emerge … Read More

Email Spoofing – How SPF, DMARC and DKIM Help Detect and Prevent Attacks

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Finjan Email Spoofing   How SPF, DMARC and DKIM Help Detect and Prevent Attacks

As email remains one of the primary communications channels for private individuals, commercial or non-commercial organizations, and government institutions, it’s little wonder that it also continues to be a medium of choice for hackers and cyber-criminals. Two of their preferred attack methods are impersonation and fraud – both of which may be readily accomplished by spoofing the internet domains associated … Read More

How to Avoid a Slack Attack

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Finjan How to Avoid a Slack Attack

Email is still the primary medium of communication between individuals, businesses, and organizations – so it’s hardly surprising that cyber-criminals look to email as their major channel for conducting phishing and social media scams, or distributing malicious software such as ransomware. It’s been estimated that the world will have to foot the bill for $6 trillion annually, by 2021 – … Read More

The Power of the Botnet

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Finjan The Power of the Botnet

With the advances in digital technology and the quantum leap in connection speeds of recent years, we’ve become accustomed to logging into our accounts or visiting our favorite haunts on the web, with minimal fuss or incident. And if there’s a delay or hiccup in reaching these services, we’re more inclined to blame the software or the service provider, rather … Read More

KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability

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Finjan KRACK Wi Fi Vulnerability

Accepted as the current standard for the secure encryption of Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2 has for some time been the automatic choice for users wishing to set up a wireless access point that’s free from the threat of eavesdroppers. But as with all things in the digital realm, evolving methods and technologies can and do conspire … Read More

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

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Finjan Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

In conventional wireless communications, transmission typically occurs at a set frequency – and if an eavesdropper can determine what that frequency is, then it’s a fairly simple task for them to intercept the data stream, or disrupt it in some way. Military engineers have long understood this principle, and the possibilities it presents for compromising vital missions and operational security. … Read More

Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast Data Transmission – Key Differences, Benefits and Drawbacks

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Finjan Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast Data Transmission   Key Differences, Benefits and Drawbacks

With the internet and digital technology blurring the boundaries between content, communication, and media types, these days you’re just as likely to tune into a concert, movie, or television show on your mobile phone, as you are to catch the same event on radio, at a cinema, or through your home entertainment system. This transition may appear seamless, but behind … Read More

A Closer Look at Network Topology

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Finjan A Closer Look at Network Topology

In much the same way as topography describes the lay of the land for terrestrial environments, a topology is used to describe the layout of a computer network: Which components are physically or virtually connected to which, how those connections are made or preserved, and so on. Given the number of different requirements that networks are set up to meet, … Read More

Russian Hacking and The Kaspersky Link

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Finjan Russian Hacking and The Kaspersky Link

In this age of ransomware, phishing, fake news, social engineering, and the million-record data breach, commercial enterprises and government institutions are more than ever advised to install an up to date and powerful suite of security and antivirus software. But what happens when the integrity of the very applications that are supposed to protect our institutions, is itself called into … Read More

Network Security and Role-Based Access Control

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Finjan Network Security and Role Based Access Control

Within any organization, there may be a diverse range of job functions, each with its own specific tasks, responsibilities, and roles to play in the overall functioning of the enterprise. With much of the work in contemporary businesses being conducted through the use of networked computers and software, there’s a need for enterprises to not only make these resources available … Read More