Biba Integrity Model

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Finjan Biba Integrity Model

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability make up the “security triad” as it applies to data. And one of the principal security models dedicated to preserving the integrity of information is the Biba integrity model, which we’ll be looking at today. Biba Integrity Model – Some History For years, matters of data confidentiality were largely dealt with by the Bell-LaPadula model, which … Read More

TCP/IP Vulnerabilities

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Finjan TCP/IP Vulnerabilities

Part of the beauty of using the internet to move information around lies in the apparently seamless and user-friendly way in which transmissions are accomplished. This stems in large part from the use of a common set of transmission/reception mechanisms or protocols – but it’s the very standardization of these methods that leaves them so open to exploitation and attack. … Read More

Egress Monitoring

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Finjan Egress Monitoring

With so many threats looming from intruders and malicious software originating outside of systems and corporate LANs, it’s easy to overlook the fact that security lapses and vulnerabilities can equally emanate from within a connected system or private network, and make their way out to cause damage as well. So for comprehensive security coverage, it’s essential not only to have … Read More

Network DMZ Zones

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Finjan Network DMZ Zones

Online transactions are an unavoidable part of today’s economy. But when corporate networks expose their infrastructure and resources to the largely unsecured public internet, they throw themselves open to the possibility of attack. One way of reducing this risk is through the establishment of safe zones known as DMZ. What’s a DMZ? DMZ stands for demilitarized zone – a throwback … Read More

Security Information and Events Management (SIEM)

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Finjan Security Information and Events Management (SIEM)

“Knowledge is Power”, the old saying goes – and in dealing with cyber-threats, being able to call upon information from past experiences, existing or potential threats, and best practices for incident response and remediation can be a real plus in enhancing threat detection and prevention. There’s an entire technology sector dedicated to this kind of data-driven approach: Security Information and … Read More

Password Attacks – How They Occur and How to Guard Against Them

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Finjan Password Attacks   How They Occur and How to Guard Against Them

Passwords can be difficult to remember, especially if you follow the rules to make them “strong”. They can also be fiddly to input, especially on mobile devices and small keyboards, and inconvenient and time-consuming to use considering it’s best practice to use different ones for each account. However, if a hacker determines or gains access to your security passwords, you … Read More

A Closer Look at CMM – Software Capability Maturity Model

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Finjan A Closer Look at CMM   Software Capability Maturity Model

With software being the potentially lucrative but often cut-throat business that it is, it makes sense for organizations to establish robust and repeatable techniques and processes for developing applications that consistently maintain a high standard of usability, reliability, and integrity. One method of ensuring this is by using the Capability Maturity Model or CMM. The Origins of the Capability Maturity … Read More

Finjan CEO, Phil Hartstein, Selected as one of IAM’s Elite IP Deal Makers

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Finjan Finjan CEO, Phil Hartstein, Selected as one of IAM’s Elite IP Deal Makers

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) recently published their annual list of elite IP deal makers, titled “Meet the world’s elite IP deal makers” IAM November/December 2016. This list was started just two years ago where it featured “the most influential [individuals] in driving the global IP transactions market” from mostly US companies. This year’s list is more comprehensive reflecting the ongoing … Read More

Application Layer Security and the OSI Model

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Finjan Application Layer Security and the OSI Model

In an increasingly treacherous cyber-security landscape – and with corporate networks expanding beyond desktops and on-site data centers to include cloud connections and remote and mobile workers – enterprise software presents cyber-criminals and hackers with potential opportunities to steal information and cause damage or distress. This highlights the need for security to extend to both the network and the software … Read More